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RIMBDES Study on windbreak influence and role, tree-plantation and reafforestation in combatting desertification in the mediterranean region

Objectives: Technical equipments analysis and comparison in the following issues:

- reafforestation innovative methods and technics in arid and semi-arid mediterranean areas;

- fire degradation process analysis and recovery;

- monitoring of tree-plantation and windbreak methods.
Sectorial Topic (Note): Sustainable land use management, including water, soil and vegetation in affected areas
Actor(s)[Nation(Ministry, Agency)/Organization]: Universities of Florence, Reggio Calabria, Turin, Bari, Palermo and University of Tuscia (Italy)
Means of Implementation: Amount of financing 191.089,00 euro.
Marking arid and semi-arid mediterranean areas and research area selection;
Low cost technics setting for monitoring tree-plantation and windbreak methods;
Fire degradation process analysis and recovery in arid and semi-arid areas;
Comparative analysis of forestal actions effectiveness in highly prone to desertification areas;
Editing of an abstract on forestal actions to combat desertification in the mediterranean region.
Target year: 2001
Target Area/Place: Mediterranean region
Expected Outcome(S):
Relevance to the Plan of Implementation of WSSD: This project addresses several priority actions identified in the plan of implementation which are related to sustainable forest management, nationally and globally, including through partnerships among interested Governments and stakeholders, including the private sector, indigenous and local communities and non-governmental organizations (� 45)
Other Information:
(Contact): Prof. Orazio Ciancio
Universit� di Firenze
Dip. di Agrochimica e Agrobiologia
Via S. Bonaventura 13,
I- 50145 Firenze, Italy
Fax: +39-055-319179
E mail: ciancio@CESIT1.UNIFI.IT
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