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Legal and institutional consolidation of the Palestinian Ministry of Environmental Affairs

Objectives: The development goal of the project is to contribute to the stabilisation of the region by supporting the consolidation of the national institutional and administrative capacities functional to the preservation of the regional environmental resources and to its related socio-economic development.
Sectorial Topic (Note): Sustainable use and management of rangelands
Actor(s)[Nation(Ministry, Agency)/Organization]: General Directorate for Cooperation for Development of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italy); IUCN
Contents: The present project will enhance the legislative capacity of the Authority through training the establishment of a Centre for environmental studies and the development of processes for preparing and implementing relevant legislation.
Funds are provided by the Italian Cooperation through the World Conservation Union (IUCN) Core Fund. Execution and implementation are also entrusted to IUCN.
The project will build upon the outcomes of previous Italian and Palestinian environmental cooperation on institutional consolidation and on the experience gained in the fields of legislation elaboration, waste management, water supply and sanitation. In particular, a Decision Support System (DSS) has been jointly established for the systemic planning of waste management.
Means of Implementation: Amount of financing 1.771.694,00 euro.
Staff will receive training and the Centre will be equipped with software and publications and linked to national and international databanks.
An international scientific committee will be established to advise the Centre on its activities.
International and national lawyers will prepare a report on the legal and institutional framework for environmental planning within the Palestinian National Authority.
The guidelines for the overall regulatory system informing the elaboration of legislation will be developed through consultation with relevant institutions and the analysis of experience gained during the formulation of existing draft environmental legislation.
Draft by-laws will be prepared on Solid Waste, Wastewater and Protected Areas through consultation with relevant institutions and experts.
Target year:
Target Area/Place: MENA - Palestine Territory Authority
Expected Outcome(S): A Centre for Environmental Studies established and running effectively.
A legal and institutional framework for environmental planning in place.
Guidelines for the overall regulatory system for the development of legislation and draft by-laws on Solid Waste, Wastewater and Protected Areas prepared.
Procedures for the implementation of environmental policies developed.
Capacity of the Environmental Authority staff raised through Project training initiatives and on-the-job technical assistance.
A National Plan on the Sustainable Management of Protected Areas developed.
An analysis carried out on the potential involvement of the private sector in the planning, negotiation and implementation of environmental policy.
Relevance to the Plan of Implementation of WSSD: This project addresses several priority actions identified in the plan of implementation which are related to the managing of natural resources as a base for sustainable development in particular:
- capacity building
- legal framework
Other Information:
(Contact): Dr. Alfredo Guillet
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Directorate General for Development Cooperation
Phone: +
Address: Via Contarini, 25 00194 Roma
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