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Strengthening CBOs and farmers' organisations network, to combat desertification and eradicate poverty in Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, GCP/INT/848/ITA

Objectives: In the frame of the large bilateral programme Italy-Sahel, the project aims to contribute to combat desertification and poverty in Sahelian countries, through the full participation of stakeholders. It also aims to strengthen Community Based Organisations' (CBOs) capacities to participate actively to the elaboration and implementation of national and local agricultural and rural development programmes.
Sectorial Topic (Note): Sustainable land use management, including water, soil and vegetation in affected areas
Actor(s)[Nation(Ministry, Agency)/Organization]: General Directorate for Cooperation for Development of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italy); FAO, Reseau des organisations paysannes
Means of Implementation: Amount of financing 902.769,00 euro.
Target year:
Target Area/Place: Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Senegal
Expected Outcome(S):
Relevance to the Plan of Implementation of WSSD: This project addresses several priority actions identified in the plan of implementation which are related to:
- capacity building,
- networking
Other Information:
(Contact): Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Directorate General for Development Cooperation
Phone: +
Address: Via Contarini, 25 00194 Roma
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