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RIIS Regional Integrated Information System, Phase II

Objectives: The overall goal of the RIIS Project is to contribute to food security and environmental protection by strengthening regional and national capacities in the use and management of information and by reducing the digital divide in the IGAD Region.
Sectorial Topic (Note): Desertification monitoring and assessment
Actor(s)[Nation(Ministry, Agency)/Organization]: General Directorate for Cooperation for Development of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italy); IAO
Contents: RIIS was conceived in 1996, aimed at the design of a mechanism to improve access to and increase sharing of data/information on environmental and natural resources in the IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) region. Subsequently, a full-fledged programme (RIIS Phase II) was formulated, through the organisation of national seminars, with the active participation of institutions with both an environmental management and an Information Technology background. The Project rationale lies in the many obstacles hampering effective sharing of environmental information.
Means of Implementation: Amount of financing 3.000.000,00 euro.
The RIIS is proposed as an integrated information system to access and share environmentally-based information; it is decentralised at a national level; it is built in accordance with a multi-component approach, in which each component is independent and benefits from the latest available technology (envisaging the extensive use of Internet),adapted to specific country situations. The implementation is linked to the adhesion of IGAD countries.The Institutions willing to adhere to RIIS must be ready to accept a number of features and rules which grant participation in the Information Community. An institution (data holder) qualifies to become a RIIS National Node (NN)when it meets basic requirements, i.e. when it owns:- metadata that describe a digital geo-spatial data set stored either in text files or in a database matching the RIIS Content Standards and provided in formatted text or marked-up in Standard Generalised Mark-up Language (SGML);- computer hardware to store the indexed metadata and is connected to the Internet on a 24/7 basis with specific Internet address;- software that supports access to metadata using the RIIS Profile;- software or procedures that validate the metadata contents.
Target year: 2003
Target Area/Place: East Africa
Expected Outcome(S): An institutional and regulatory framework for a Regional Integrated Information System in place. A RIIS Web-page portal and the Web-pages of participating institutions developed or up-dated and maintained according to RIIS standards and protocols. A Clearinghouse with national node(s)operational according to RIIS standards and protocols. Tools (warehouse)and methodologies (Decision Support Systems)adopted and used for analysis aggregation and the processing of primary data to facilitate decision-making. National and regional capacities in data management strengthened through an overall training programme that covers the definition of standards and protocols, the creation and maintenance of Web-pages and Clearinghouse nodes, and data analysis and processing. Sustainability of the RIIS network ensured.
Relevance to the Plan of Implementation of WSSD: This project addresses several priority actions identified in the plan of implementation which are related to the managing of natural resources as a base for sustainable development in particular:
- capacity building
- networking
- trans-nationality
Other Information:
(Contact): Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Directorate General for Development Cooperation
Phone: +
Address: Via Contarini, 25 00194 Roma
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