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ACACIA Operation, FAO/Italy Cooperation Programm.e Support project for food security, fight against poverty and soil degradation in countries producing rubber and resin

Objectives: The general objective of the project is the improvement of agricultural production systems and pastures, the protection of the soil and the diversification of the income to assure food security promoting the conservation, the extension and the sustainable management of the communities of producers of rubber instead of only increasing the production of rubber. This objective will be reached by direct support for the concerned countries, which regards all types of production (agricultural and forest plantations, specialized plantations and natural formations) giving priority to the first one and accompanying their evolution with programmes of capacity building, technology transfer and the development of research activities. At regional and sub-regional level a support will be assured to the regional network for the administrative and technical- operational plan by its central structure (executive committee, Secretariat) and by its peripheral network in the sub regions and the interested countries (sub regional and national contact points) to assure the real efficacy.
Sectorial Topic (Note): Launching of reforestation/afforestation programmes and intensification of soil conservation programmes
Actor(s)[Nation(Ministry, Agency)/Organization]: General Directorate for Cooperation for Development of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italy), FAO
Contents: The project is a preparatory phase of a ten year support programme directed to producing countries for the development of rubber and resin production. Acting on rubber production, an important piece of agricultural and shepherd systems in sub-saharian drylands, the programme aims to improve food security of rural populations and to combat poverty. The project is coherent with UNCCD objectives.
Means of Implementation: The total cost of the project is 3.193.000 US $ covered by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Target year: 2005
Target Area/Place: Africa (Burkina Faso, Niger, Senegal, Tchad, Kenya, Sudan)
Expected Outcome(S): - Carrying out, in six producing countries, of pilot actions.

- Development and rationalization of production and commercialisation in concerned countries

- Definition of a set of actions to carry out at all concerned countries level, in the framework of a ten-year programme proposed and supported from FAO and Italy, and open to the participation of interested countries.

- Dissemination of experiences carried out in leader countries and dissemination of results of pilot actions.

- Strengthening of contact points and regional research points in coordinating countries

- Information and data bases on production and commercialisation of rubber and resin at national and sub-regional level.

- Improvement of production and selection techniques of more productive varieties (Acacia Senegal and seval).

- Training on production and quality control of rubber and resin
Relevance to the Plan of Implementation of WSSD: This project addresses several priority actions identified in the plan of implementation which are related to:
- sustainable agricolture,
- capacity building,
- poverty alleviation
Other Information:
(Contact): Min. Francesco Micieli de Biase
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Directorate General for Development Cooperation
Phone: +
Address: Via Contarini, 25 00194 Roma
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